Sister Emily Mangum is a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, serving in the New Mexico Albuquerque Mission.

April 22, 2014

Happy Easter!

Hi Mom and Dad!

Happy Easter!

I did get the Easter package! Thank you so much!!! I loved it!  The cardigan matched perfectly with the brown pocka-dotty one that you sent me at Christmas.

Spring Time In Santa Fe
Poor Jess.  Too much drama.  You would think as a missionary, I could get away from it, but not really. That is what makes a missionaries life so stressful. You meet crazy people and suddenly their craziness is your craziness. 

I saw the pictures of the Temple! So pretty!  It sounds like it was fun there!  I absolutely love those pictures in front of the temple! So pretty! It looks so warm and moist there! :)
I wish I could have been there but our temple day is next week, so I’m really excited for that!

We have been using those church videos about Chris’s life a lot.  They are really good!

Teaching is going really good! We have several people that we've been working with and its going really amazing.  We are so excited and grateful for the opportunities to see all these amazing people making the decision to learn more and change their lives!

It has been a very strange few weeks here.  It has been a rollercoaster of craziness.  We've had some amazing things happen, like Teryn got baptized on Saturday! It was so amazing!  We are so happy! It was so spiritual. :)
Even if the Ward Mission leader did call us at 3 the day before and tell us the boy scouts fell through on the musical number and asked if we could do it :) Well, luckily my comp is really good at harmonies.  So we sang the primary song I'll follow him in faith.  It was fine.  Sunday night was the amazing one though!

But some other crazy things have happened as well, and it has just continued all happening at once.  But it is all good.  Even with all the strange things that keep happening, there is just a feeling of peace.  I know that the Lord is in charge and it will all be fine. :) 

The work is going really well.  We are teaching quite a few teenagers, and they are so ready and willing to listen!  It is so exciting! :)

The youth from the ward are amazing at missionary work, and their friends are also more interested and willing to listen than most adults.  We have had a lot of success and interest from the youth. It also helps that my companion is really good with teenagers. We have been doing a bible study on Tuesday nights that has been going really well. And the youth are really excited and love coming.  So that helps.  On average we have about 2-4 non-members there every week.

The biggest hold back we have with the youth is getting the parents’ permission.  Most of them are completely supportive though.  There is one boy who has been going to seminary for 3 weeks and has been to church for 2 weeks and want to be baptized by his friend (who is leaving on a mission in July). 
We just have to start teaching him the lessons! :)
It’s so amazing!

The great thing is, this whole ward is like this.  It’s really awesome to be able to serve in a ward like this . And it all started with a challenge to give out a Book of Mormon.

This week, well really the past few weeks, have just been packed with ups and downs and craziness and just odd occurrences, but it has been awesome and we are seeing the people here do amazing things! 
It’s been great!

Love you! 

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