Sister Emily Mangum is a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, serving in the New Mexico Albuquerque Mission.

August 13, 2014

Companion Changes

Hi Mom and Dad!

Well I’m not in a trio anymore.  One of my companions, Sister England was transferred. She getting close to the end of her mission and it’s not odd to do a 6 week transfer near the end of your mission. So now there is just the two of us.  Me and Sister Field.  She is the sister I knew from LDSBC before my mission.

It’s so crazy that school has already started! And I can’t believe I’ll be home before the end of the school year.  One of my comps who was a lot older than me, told me once, one day you’ll look around and realize your one of the old missionaries.  Well, I think it might be getting there.  It’s very odd.

School starts this week here.

So Mom and Jess starting seminary again?  Did you ever look at the institute manual for LDS history? That is really fascinating.  Teach the background and why the revelation was needed. That's what makes D&C interesting :)

I met a guy from Tennessee this week. So southern.  I miss the southern accents.  As we were walking away he was like "Check out Numbers 22, Story of the “talking donkey." Haha, I love Los Alamos

Me and Sister Field - Valles Caldera hike

Valles Caldera hike with the Los Alamos Sisters - Sister Wright and Sister Field

Today we did a group hike with the Los Alamos Sisters.  We hiked the Valles Caldera.  Which is a super volcano.  Very Pretty! :)  We went way up into the mountains. Which is way too far for most of the other missionaries.  It is very close to our area.  We have one of the prettiest areas in the mission.

Valles Caldera
We've been mostly working really hard to find new investigators. 
White Rock is very small and with the increase of missionaries, there are less teaching opportunities.  I really don’t want them to close my area, but if we don’t find new people, it might happen :(  I do believe that whatever happens will be what the Lord wants for the area, but I just wish there was something more I could do to help it along.  We continue praying and doing all we can.  I think it will happen soon, but it’s until then that is stressful. 

The ward is okay with missionary work.  Really nice and trying to be more missionary minded without trying to be more missionary minded.  It’s very odd, but oh well.  We keep trying.  We have tried a few different things that haven’t been done in the past but the ward is big into "Not adding anything new" so often these are unsuccessful.

We don’t do visiting teaching here.  The problem is, this ward has no less actives.  It’s a very odd problem to have. Very odd.  So since we don’t have less actives we try and visit members.  Not very successfully because they are so busy.  That’s why we are always looking for things to do.

This week we were able to do some service.  The sister in the ward where we used to live is packing her house and we helped her pack up all her trains.  Tons of trains!  There were some really neat ones.

Service helping to pack trains with a sister in the ward

Tonight is bible study.  We are going to talk about the story of Joshua and Jericho.  

Dad, I think your talk will be really good! It’s a fascinating subject that I haven’t had the opportunity to study very much yet.  Maybe that'll be something for this next few weeks.

You know what we never ever get and I really want and it needs to be one of our first dinners when I get home! Take out pizzas :) greasy and yummy :)

Love you!

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