Sister Emily Mangum is a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, serving in the New Mexico Albuquerque Mission.

December 18, 2013

Winter Weather

Hi Mom and Dad!

It’s been a crazy week, but a good week.  The time seems to be going by faster and faster.  I can’t believe that I’m almost already 3 months into my mission. Its mind blowing.   How is it going?  It’s crazy here, I can’t believe that it’s almost Christmas already!  I’m going to try and get my package mailed off today, so I hope it get there before Tuesday. But tonight we have exchanges, so I’m not sure it will get done.  But it will be coming at some point in time :)

SNOW!!!!   Sister Smith and Sister Mangum in Belen

At our home in Belen

This week has been good. It’s been a long week, but it’s been good.  Less than a week until Christmas!
 We did a lot of service this week.  Even though it was in the 20's almost all week, we spent most of it outside pulling weeds and building fences and cattle shelters. We had to build a pen and a house for some baby cows this week, it was awesome!  All the babies have their own pen.  They are so cute.

So Cute!
Haha!  That’s one of the baby dairy cows.  

Haha, yes I’m going to be able to run my own farm when I get home.  Llamas are also a very common pet here. So cute! I really want a horse now and a gun.  Funny what living in the middle of nowhere will do to you :)

It snowed this past week, which is super unusual for New Mexico.  Everybody was freaking out! It was fun though, because we had another set of Sisters staying with us for the night!  Don’t worry I’m warm enough, it makes me work harder, to keep warm.

We also had zone conference this week. That was interesting.  It was great to see a bunch of the people i was in the MTC with and to hear from the seventy that was there.  He had some really good points about member missionary work.  Apparently the number of missionaries has nearly doubled in the past year, but the number of baptisms hasn't increased.  Then he made a very good point about how it’s the members that are the factor that increases baptisms, not the missionaries.  It was really good, I was kind of sad we had to leave early. We had a ward Christmas party that night and some of the investigators were supposed to be coming. All of ours flaked (as usual) but the elders had a couple there.  It was ok. 

 It’s really interesting being in a ward that isn’t your own.  But I love being a missionary at Christmas time.  Even if my companion hates Christmas and won’t let me listen to Christmas music.

Thank you for the package and presents!  I got one from Grandma and I got one that I think was from the Relief society and I got one from Dad.  I also got Christmas cards from Angie and Katherine. The Johnson kids are all so big!   And Abby looks like she is 20 in their Christmas photo.  The chocolate was super good! And I used the DVD you made me! It’s awesome!  My district loves the DVDs with the other Mormon messages.  

I also got a package from the Weavers! They did 12 days of Christmas for me!  It is super sweet of them!  

The package from the Ward was a bunch of cards, most of the names I didn’t recognize. And there were some gifts. Some lotion and shower gel, and candy and some Walmart gift cards, which are awesome!  Maybe it was from the young women. There was a gift from Emily Hatfield and a letter from Holly. I also got the cutest letter from Warrens buddies.  It was from Gabe and Eli Montoya and one of his other Minecraft friends!  It is super cute!

We had an interesting lesson this week. One of our super solid investigators, well, ok, our only even sort of solid investigator totally freaked out when we taught the plan of salvation.  It was really weird.  Whoever was filling out the teaching record before i got here lied.  It said that she had been taught everything, but apparently not.  She freaked out over the kingdoms of glory. Then she didn’t come to church even though she said she would. It was very sad.  She said she would pray about it and I tried to explain that God loves all his children and doesn’t want them to burn and she will progress farther than those who don’t try, but it just seemed go in one ear and out the other. Then my companion wasn’t even listening to her questions and just kept making it even more confusing.  It was kind of terrible.

It’s ok though. Tonight is exchanges, so I’m a little nervous.  I’m going to another area instead of staying this time, so it should be ok. But we will see.

What is your Skype address?  Here is what i understand of the plan on Christmas:
We have a breakfast at 9 probably won’t be out of there until 11- 11:30 ish.
Then all 4 of us are going to the church to call or Skype.  We each get 40 minutes, so it could be anywhere from 12 to 3:30 ish (New Mexico time)
If I decide to Skype, I’ll call to get it set up right before. :)

Love you

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