Sister Emily Mangum is a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, serving in the New Mexico Albuquerque Mission.

March 11, 2014

Bandelier National Monument

Hi Mom and Dad!

Bandelier National Monument
Los Alamos District

How are you?  This week has been crazy! But it’s been great. Yesterday we had zone conference! PAZ came!!!!! She is our investigator that is 15 years old.  Oh my goodness! Then later she sat through a lesson!  And the Grandpa also came.  He did an awesome job!  Crazy stuff is happening here!  And I got a letter from Sister Walker that said that two potentials we found are coming to church back in Belen. Craziness! Prayer totally works! It’s amazing.  We have a few new families that we have really high hopes for! 

We had a very long weekend of meetings this week.  Zone training then stake conference and zone conference. It has been a very long and busy week but very good and well worth the effort.  We haven’t had much time to do many other things this week. :)  Except for being in the meetings I’m not sure if we were productive this week or not, but I know I spent all weekend driving back and forth from Santa Fe. That was fun!  :)  We probably use all our miles for the month in this one weekend.  

I have to do all the driving for the companionship.  There is a designated driver assigned to each one. Usually it’s the person who has been out longest or in the area longer, but now it’s me.  I don’t know why, but it is.  I’m an awful driver.  Definitely nearly squashed one of the Los Alamos Sisters today...Driving on mountains is a new experience as well.  Not flat Florida anymore.

I also discovered that water damage on a windshield makes it almost impossible to drive at night.  We drive a Ford Fusion 2013, but the sisters before us practically destroyed it.  Poor little car.  Somehow they managed to freeze the wax on the outside of it.

It has a CD player so we can listen to our music which is nice.  My comp has a ton of music on good CDs, so we have fun stuff to listen too :)

 Something new, they just changed the rules about dinners. Now members have to have a nonmember or less active there, so I am guessing our meals are going to vanish. Oh well.

I did get the package! Thanks!  I was planning on asking about reading that book at zone training, then it got brought up specifically by someone else, and I can’t read it until after my mission :(

We had an awesome adventure this morning! We went with the district to hike in Bandelier National Monument Park. It was pretty awesome. Lots of going up and down ladders.  It took some effort to get to the park though, ended up with Sister Grigg and I driving up and down the mountain several times to find it. 

You know that scene in “It’s A Mad Mad World” where they are driving on that cliff road?  Those don’t bother me anymore. Although there is this huge overlook place and it totally looks like Endor from Star Wars.  That is where I have decided that I live :)  It’s all forest, except for these weird science-y things that stick up over the top of the trees and there is the biggest satellite that I have ever seen in my life. I’ll see if I can get a picture. :)

Guess What! Paz said she would come to our bible study today.  She better. :) Last week we had a life-sized board game where you could pick up the pieces of the armor of god. (Picture attached, it was so much fun)  Today it is about patience. Do you have any idea about good minute to win it games?  We are doing the one with cards on a milk bottle and they already did the Oreo cookie one... we can’t think of any others and we don’t have access to Google. 

Armor Of God - Bible Study Activity

Did you get all the letters?  I put about 5 in the mail about a week ago.
Love you!


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  1. pulling Kleenex out of the box is a great minute to win it game! :) This is Sarah Heaston by the way! :)