Sister Emily Mangum is a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, serving in the New Mexico Albuquerque Mission.

March 31, 2014

Staying in White Rock!

Hey Mom and Dad! 

So today is P-day :) because tomorrow is transfers.  Hurrah!!  I’m not going anywhere, just staying here in White Rock.  Yay!  We are both staying together again this transfer! Yay!  Which is great.  I seriously fear that bad things would happen if she left.

White Rock New Mexico
Aw!  Your day at the temple going through sessions and cleaning sounds like so much fun!  Our missionary temple day is this transfer, which is super exciting! :)  I can wait!

This transfer they are taking out a set of sisters in Los Alamos.  Luckily, we are not taking over an area. They are combining the two Los Alamos areas.  Which might make life a little interesting :)  But that’s alright!  It hopefully shouldn’t affect us too much.

Guess what this transfer is?  Tomorrow I will be officially 6 months into my mission and the last day this transfer is mother's day :)

I am so excited for General Conference! It’s amazing how much I learn from it every time.  We did get to watch women's conference. It was really really good!  I can’t wait to hear what they have to say this weekend. I don’t know if it is just because I’m a missionary, but suddenly General Conference has a new meaning for me.

How did spring break go? Or is it still going? I can’t keep track of anything anymore.

Yes, my skin is still super dry.  Thank you so much for the lotion you sent.  Hopefully the package should get here today.  New Mexico mail is fairly unreliable.   :) 

I heard from Jess about her district tennis matches this week!  Sounds like she is doing well.  Any chance she could go beyond districts to regionals?

It’s been a pretty slow week.  A lot of people not home due to spring break.  Although there have been some great things happening.  We had a ton of different activities and have had a lot of success with some of our classes that we are teaching.

Paz texted us in the middle of the night asking about the plan of salvation.  So of course we stayed up really late teaching it over texts. Super exciting, but now we are both really tired. We aren’t telling her family, because we are worried they will push her and that might push her away.

I know! We are super excited!  Not sure if she will ever get up the courage to be baptized.  It’s kind of a complicated situation, but we keep working :) We have tried to get her to interact with the young women.  She did go to an activity but she called her mom crying, and her mom called us, so we went over to the YWs to talk to her.  Typical stubborn 15 year old.

Tonight we are teaching Teryn, who is getting baptized on April 19th and Grandpa, who wants to be baptized in September :))  Yay!!!
Green Grass!!!!!

We actually found grass! Real grass! The only indication that I am in a town of millionaires, is the amount of grass here.  Water is really really really expensive.

Yes, we should be getting our iPads soon! :) I think we are the only mission in the US that doesn’t have them right now :( Not surprising though. This mission was the last in world to be offered cell phones :/  By the end of this year, we should have them! Yippee!  It will make missionary work so much easier, you have no idea.  It would be super awesome to have but I can see why we are last.  I’m pretty sure I’ve served in the poorest county in the US and the richest county in the US.  It’s an odd mix of technology and no technology.

Meals are going really well, we still have a ton of people signing up and a lot of people are inviting over less actives and non-members :)  It’s amazing how so many people know all about the less actives in the ward :)  We work with lots of less active families.  Most wards have several hundred less actives, White Rock only has about 20, but that is extremely strange.  Honestly, that is what most missionaries spend most of their time doing.  Working with the less actives.  All of the people I keep in contact with from my last area are less actives.

Love you!

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