Sister Emily Mangum is a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, serving in the New Mexico Albuquerque Mission.

June 11, 2014

Busy few weeks

Hey Mom & Dad!

Sounds like summer is going well :) It sounds like a lot of fun!  Seminary graduation was a couple of weeks ago here and right after it was one of our fireside activities.  We had a TON of people, or at least that’s what my comp said.  I was sick and she wouldn't let me come :( So we went on splits and I got to stay home with the neighbor and her daughter.  We played Uno. 

Sounds like someone with some potential.  We do have a few of those.  We are really excited.  We are teaching a couple of boys about 17-20ish age.  I expect them to be baptized in the next few months.  There is the boy who has been going to seminary for a few months.  Hopefully he will be baptized at the beginning of July. And another Boy who we have really high hopes for, but the situation is kind of complicated.  Pray for Tom and John :)

Are we doing anything fun for P-day today?  Not really, just cleaning.  We didn’t get anything at all done last week because we spent all day running all over Taos, so today is a catch up day :)
Maybe a nap!

Have I had any adventures? hmmmmm.  Not sure.

Finally here are some pig pictures from our p-day several weeks ago.
No, I don't think i'll go for a ride!

Sister Grigg is really excited!
We had our musical fireside on Sunday.  The Mission President was there and the Stake Presidency, both President Miller and one of the Counselors of the Stake Presidency spoke.  We sang and it went really really really well.  According to my comp we had 8 investigators or non-members from White Rock there!  We sang Joseph Smiths first prayer to the tune of Come Thou Fount. I did the Tenor part. 
I will try and get a recording of it on Thursday.  And the other song we did.

Then we had Zone conference in Albuquerque.  Super sleepy, haven’t had much time at all the past few days for anything other than running form one huge thing to another. Oh well :)
The next transfers are in two weeks. We don’t really know what’s going to happen. Could be interesting: /

I did get the dress :)  I got a lot of compliments. Thank you!
And thank you for the cookies :) Yum

I mailed off the birthday presents. They should get there Saturday. :) Finally, only a month late

So tonight is bible study and ummmmm, I’m actually not sure what we are doing for the lesson. Should probably figure that out. Usually Monday is our planning day, but yesterday was spent all day in a meeting... blah.
We’ll probably do something with remote control cars that my companion has and the Holy Ghost.  Is there any story in the bible that talks about being in good situations or having the Holy Ghost that you can think of?
We might also try something about prayer.  That is always a good topic.

Dad, how easy is it to find a cord for something?  I found a super nice digital picture frame and got it for free because the cord is missing.   We are going to look around at some stores and see if we can find anything :) 

How is summer break going?
All of the kids are out and running around White Rock.  It’s very much summer break here :)

Love you!

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