Sister Emily Mangum is a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, serving in the New Mexico Albuquerque Mission.

July 12, 2014


Hi Mom and Dad!

I love being a missionary and wouldn't trade the experience for anything!  Sometimes a little bit (or a lot) stressful but without a doubt worth it!

I hope your week has gone really well!  It has been a little crazy with weather here too, we had hail one night so bad that we had to go home early.

It sounds like you had a lot of fun for the 4th :)  We got to go to one of the greatest firework displays ever! So all of Los Alamos is scientists.  Imagine mad scientists, like John Ricklic setting off homemade fireworks.... it was pretty cool!

It also sounds like Dad and Jess will have a great time traveling and getting to see people! There are a lot of amazing things to do on the drive from Florida to Utah. I’m sure you will have tons and tons of fun.

Yes I got the package! Thank you! Love it! 

Tom, who we have been teaching for quite a while, was baptized on Saturday!  Yay!  It was so awesome! Now we have to find someone new to teach.  Life is a bit slow here, but it is going, which is great :)

This is Tom and his friend Dallon. Tom has been going to seminary all year and Dallon leaves on a mission today :)

My new companions are Sister England from California and Sister Field from Utah. 
I actually knew Sister Field from before the mission.  We both were in the dorms at LDSBC and we were in the same singles ward.

Life has been a little stressful here in White Rock. It was really hard the first few days, and super stressful with new companions. I’ve been used to companions who are really good teachers, but now suddenly I’m Senior Companion and it’s all up to me.  You know how I love that!?  I feel like I’m constantly playing whack-a-mole with really really weird comments in lessons.  And really really long drawn out stories about who knows what.  It’s a good learning experience right?  Wait, with my previous companions, I was probably the one with weird comments. Hmmm....

Stress is sometimes a good thing. This transfer will really be a stretching experience. This could be a really interesting couple of months for everybody :)

On Sunday night we did our MTC class, which I basically had to do all by myself. And afterwards I was talking to the Los Alamos Sisters, and I just broke down crying because of the stress.  Luckily there was one of the Bishopric in the building and he gave me the most amazing blessing that I’ve ever had and it definitely helped a lot. 

Don't worry, things will be alright :)  It probably isn't as bad as I paint the picture.

Haha! I love the Harry potter party! Potions, A care of magical creatures adventure scavenger hunt.  What great memories I have of those parties.  Have Jess look on Pinterest for ideas. 

Hopefully things will start to pick up. :)  We could use some more people to teach and visit.

Here is my address for our new apartment.

136 Longview #6
Los Alamos, NM 87544

Love you! 

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