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September 11, 2014

Family History Success!

Hi Mom and Dad!

This week has been alright. Still slow, but I did have a really cool experience doing some family history research.
If I sent you a name, would you two like to do some sealings and maybe Jessica and Warren want to do baptisms and get all of his work done?
I reserved his name, so I’ll have to send it to you. 
His name is Thomas Theaker.  He is the son of a grandparent somewhere in Dad’s line.
For some reason he was missing :)
He needs all of his work done and needs 7 kids sealed to him and his wife
President gave us permission to do family history in the hours that we can’t contact, so we've been doing a little bit of it :)

Zone training was last Friday.  There were some good messages.  It was entirely devoted to strengthening your faith and attitude.  We also got a bunch of new mission rules.
President Miller gave a really good talk about spirituality. It was all about "getting out of the Boat." He compared it to the story of Christ walking on water. 
Peter had the courage and made the choice to get out of the boat and walk to Christ on the water.  Sometimes to gain a testimony, we have to actually do something to get it. It takes action.
Same with the story of the Israelites crossing the River Jordan (We've been doing that at dinners) 
They had to get their feet wet.

P-day today I’m trying to get all my music organized. 
They just changed the rule on Music. Now its only hymns, so I am trying to get the CDs all on my flash drive so I can pull off the hymns and put them on a CD.
I expect there to be clarifications within the next few weeks. But the rule we got on Friday said "Only hymns found in the LDS hymn book"
But then the Zone leaders made us a CD that had things like "Amazing Grace" and "Come Thou Fount" 
So I’m not sure the exact new rule.
They did say that the Primary stuff ok as well.
Today is actual a nice relaxing day. ;)
One of the first in forever!

No progression with our new investigator yet.
We haven’t actually taught her again because she is out of town.
But we are ready for when she returns.

Our other investigator discussions have ended though.
This investigator has been investigating since I got here.  
His son and daughter-in-law joined the church about a year ago.
He's 80 and some of his kids threw massive fits went they found out he was going to be baptized :(
He comes to church every week and he said that he would continue to come.
Maybe someday he’ll decide to be baptized.

Yeah, transfers are scheduled for next week.  I still feel like a change is coming.  I've been in this area for a really long time. And it’s a small area, so that makes it difficult to stay for a super long time.

Tonight we are doing the story of Naaman and washing in the river Jordan at Bible study.  It’s one of my favorite stories in all of the scriptures.
Probably not very many will remember that story.  From what I have seen, nobody knows their old testament very well, unless it’s a story like David and Goliath.

Dad your talk on standards goes along with Naaman.  There is some really good stuff on that subject!  It’s something, unfortunately, that we have to cover all of the time.  It’s a really good principle that not very many people have a testimony of. That’s why I love the story of Naaman.  It’s the small, simple things, like reading and praying and going to church that make the biggest difference in your testimony and your life.

There is also something else. 
My comp went to LDS Business College too and her major is now gone.
Which makes me worried about mine. 
Can you please check for me?
I may need to find a different school.
Don’t worry I am not thinking too much about it yet.

Love you,

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