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September 13, 2014

Temple Work

Hi Mom & Dad,

Hope all is going well for you!  We just had Bible study.  It was good.  It was a slow night (soccer has started) and we only had one girl there.  Her name is Yanina and shes an exchange student from Germany and an active Catholic.  So it was an interesting discussion.

So several months ago President gave us permission to do family history in our down time.  So we have.  And I've found a few people who need work done!  :)

I've included the temple paperwork.

The woman who needs all of her work done is from mom's Icelandic line; Gudny Amadohtir.

The man who needs all his work done is from one of Dad's English lines.  He also needs to be sealed to his parents.  His wife's work has already been done, so he's already sealed to her but they had 9 kids.  2 are already sealed by someone else but the other 5 still need completion.

I hope that everyone is getting back into the swing of things with school and everything.

Things here are plugging along.  On Saturday and Sunday was Stake Conference.  Saturday night was all about missionary work.  The Mission President and his wife spoke and all of the Stake Presidency spoke.  And the Stake President seems to just love calling on random people to come up and bear their testimonies without warning.  Last Stake Conference he called up Marcela who is a recent convert and she did just great, but apparently she bawled afterward.

This time he called on Tom, who is the one I taught!  He did awesome!  He was asked to share his conversion story.  So he talked about his friends and how he and Dallin (who is on a mission in California) played cards and he started going to Seminary.  Then he was like "then I met the Sisters.  Sister Grigg and Sister Mangum.  Sister Mangum is in the back there"  And everyone turned around to look.  Embarrassing!  A member sitting next to me elbowed me and was like "Call out! Haha!"

We've been doing a lot of walking and talking to people recently.  Which is okay.  You do meet a lot of very...unique people that way.  Sometimes its fun, but its always memorable.  :)

Anyway, Love You!  Hope you can get down to the temple soo to do the work!


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