Sister Emily Mangum is a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, serving in the New Mexico Albuquerque Mission.

October 14, 2013

At the Airport...Next Stop Albuquerque

October 14, 2013 Phone Call - Notes written by Dad

We received an unexpected phone call this morning from Emily.  She and about 30 missionaries that were headed to Albuquerque were all at the airport waiting on their flight.  She said that they would arrive at the Mission home early this afternoon but would not be sent to their new areas until tomorrow some time.  She also mentioned that Monday is their preparation day so it wasn't likely that she would get to email us this week.

Emily sounded very up beat and excited to get to New Mexico.  She mentioned that she had mixed feelings about leaving the MTC as she really liked it and felt that she was learning a lot but also that she was ready to get to work.  You can already tell from speaking with her that she is growing spiritually and gaining confidence.

She shared some of her experiences teaching the "practice investigators" as part of their training.  She shared how they had a sister investigator who liked to yell at them about how she didn't need any more schooling and teaching.  Emily explained to us that as missionaries they weren't supposed to use the words "teach" or "share" with investigators because it made the investigators feel like they the missionaries were better than them.  They were rather supposed to us "tell" them about the gospel.

She also shared that they taught a man who was supposed to have been from Jacksonville.  During the process they have to learn about this person by asking questions and Emily and Sister Shaner had done their best but had a tough time figuring out the guy and finding his concerns.  Later they spoke a couple of Elders in their district who had the same investigator.  Emily said they were surprised at all the things the Elders had uncovered about this man that the Sisters weren't able to learn.  Sounded like they learned as much from the after discussion about teaching as they did during the actual event.

Emily mentioned that she had been able to see both Elder Wheeler and Elder Gerald while she was at the MTC and that both of them appeared to be happy and doing well.  She did get some pictures with them but did not get an opportunity to email to us but would do it when she got to her area.

One bit of new we did get from Emily is that she is only allowed to Email her parents while serving.  If she communicates with others while serving she will need to do it via letters through the mail.  So, be sure to send Emily your home mailing address so that she can respond to you.  She can still receive your emails, just not allowed to respond via email.

We are looking forward to hearing more about her MTC experience and her new area and new companion in the coming week.  Good luck Sister Mangum!  Travel safely!  We love you!

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  1. Our family will be happy to send her letter, so please send her address our way when you get it. Thanks. We're so happy for her and the wonderful choice she has made to serve our Heavenly Father. Way to go Emily. Thanks for setting the example for the rest of your cousins.