Sister Emily Mangum is a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, serving in the New Mexico Albuquerque Mission.

October 9, 2013

I had more time - bonus email

Bonus Email on Oct 9, 2013

I actually got some more time to email. We got to go down to do some laundry today, which is where I am. Sister Shaner just really wanted to be with her boyfriend, who is also here learning Vietnamese for his mission to California.  He is really nice and his companions are are super funny. All the people in his district are ethnicly either Vietnamese or Cambodian and hes the only one whos not going to vietnam or cambodia because you have to be ethinicly related to go there. 

My entire district is going to Albuquerque. Theres sister Shaner and I and then Two sets of elders. Two from Oregon, one from utah, and one from montana. So im the one whos form the farthest away.  There is another district in my zone that are mostly going to Albuquerque as well. Originally there were two sets of elders and two sets of sisters all going to Albuquerque but one of the sisters went home and another elder who couldnt get his visa joined one of the Elder sets. And on the other, new mtc campus there are two more districs of missionaries going to Albuquerque. Total, i think there are 30 going the same day as me and 250 missionaries total in Albuquerque.

There is some complicated way for me to send pictures, but everybody has been complaining about how difficult it is, so im just going to try and send them next week when im in New Mexico. 

Conference was really really cool here.  All the missionaries from both campuses gathered in the big gym area and we all watched all the sessions together. I think the best part was the music. I also noticed the version of Master the Tempest is Raging. The first time ive actually enjoyed that hymn :) But the best part was when they had the intermediate hymn Called to Serve. Everyone cheered when they announced it, it was really cool. My favorite talk was the one that said "Doubt your Doubts before you doubt your faith." 

Hey, can you send me some addresses of people that I should write? 

We got to go to the temple this morning, it was really nice. I wish we had another chance to go while we were here since it is just across the road, but its ok, theres so much to do here. Im constantly either in class or studying or teaching practice investigators.

I love you all!

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