Sister Emily Mangum is a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, serving in the New Mexico Albuquerque Mission.

January 21, 2014

Work is starting to pick up!

Hi Mom and Dad! 

How are you? I'm doing alright. I'm still stressed and super super tired. But the work is going good.  I got your package. The dress fits great! I love it! , Sometimes I just want to wear something simple and easy :) It’s perfect! I wish I had some others just like it :)  Especially now that they changed the rules about cardigans, I only have to wear something like that at meetings and church.  Just like when the elders wear their coats. I still do most of the time because it’s cold here. Super cold. :/  

It’s a good thing p-day is today!  Especially since we are almost completely out of food.  We are going hiking again! Its super fun to go :) All I can say is it’s a good thing that some of these Elders are protected. The first time we went I watched one Elder eat a poisonous plant and the second time another nearly fell off a cliff. It’s a good thing the Sisters are there to make sure they don’t kill themselves. :)

It’s been interesting getting to know a new companion. She has a waaaay different type of humor than mine. A really good way to describe her is that she reminds me A LOT of dad’s sisters. It’s kind of creepy how alike they are. And it’s kind of funny, because her name is Camille. :) 

In our zone there has been a big emphasis on specific prayers. So we decided to pray for a family that would be baptized before the end of the transfer and who would be a strength to the Belen ward. :) We've been doing a lot of finding and talking to people and we've had a lot of success.

We’ve started meeting again with one of the people we had been working with before, his girlfriend suddenly got a little interest.  We took a member to a lesson and he just talked and talked, but it was all good. He said exactly what she needed and said it in a way that she wants her family at church. It was great! And we have a lesson tonight with them, hopefully it goes well.

We knocked on a famiy’s door and they were super interested in the Book of Mormon. He took it and said "yeah I'll read it with my wife." I’m sooo excited for them, I hope they actually feel the spirit :) Hopefully they will do it.

Then we had a crazy experience where we ran into a pastor and we talked for a while, and we gave him a card and told him we do service and teach about Christ. About a week later we got a media referral form and it was him! He said he needed help with yard work and couldn't afford to pay. So we are excited to talk to him a bit more. Hopefully he doesn't think he is going to save our souls....

But it’s mostly been a good week. 

I was wondering if you could get me a CD? All my comp has is Mormon Tabernacle choir and is making me crazy.  Sister Smith had this awesome CD by vocal point. I think it’s called Lead thou me on. It’s got some amazing versions of nearer my god to thee, come thou fount, and a few others :)

Also if you could make me a Josh Groban CD that would be awesome! Most of his music is not mission appropriate, but some of it is.  Some of the good songs are Lu'ltima notte, mai, oceano, all'improvisso amore, You raise me up, Jesu joy of mans desiring, si volviervas a mi, mi mancheri, february song. And any others that are in English but don’t talk about romantic things.... that may be a job for Jess :) 

Yes, I got the DVDs you sent. I’ve only watched one, but it worked.  They actually help a lot. A lot of these people have had all the Preach My Gospel lessons and they just need something that can help them feel the spirit :) Especially some of the less-actives we work with.

Also my district leader was wondering if you could make him a DVD of some of the other Mormon Messages. He really wants mountains to climb, but some other good ones are testimony of the Book of Mormon, look to the light, you will be freed, wrong roads, and the one about seminary. :)

Thanks! Love you!

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